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Cute Kids Dinosaur Raincoat

Cute Kids Dino Raincoat

Kids Raincoat Dinosaur EVA Waterproof Hooded School bag cover.

Our Cute Kids Dinosaur Raincoat makes rainy days fun. The waterproof jacket sports spikes along the head and bottom – perfect for dino-stomping through puddles!

  • Yellow colour only
  • Snap closure, pockets, hood, and visor, matching tote bag
  • Material: New EVA material
  • Sizes available: L, XL, 2XL and 3XL (See the size reference chart below)

Material: New EVA material

* Size:

L : Length 62cm front/70 cm back* Sleeve 33cm* Bust 48cm, recommended height 100-110cm;

XL: Length 64cm front/74 cm back* Sleeve 35cm* Bust 41cm, recommended height 110-120cm;

2XL: Length 70cm front/78 cm back* Sleeve 38cm* Bust 53cm, recommended height 120-130cm;

3XL: Length 74cm front/82 cm back* Sleeve 41cm* Bust 56cm, recommended height 130-140cm;

* Weight: 0.45kg-0.5KG

* Features: backpack raincoat with backpack position, convenient and beautiful, rainproof, durable, trendy

The Matching Gumboots is available in separate link. 

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