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Professional Artist Grade Marker Pen Set - 60 colour

Touch Mark Marker Pen & Sketch Books

  • Alcoholic oily based pigment ink, odourless
  • Fast drying
  • It can be used within a small range of colours and hook lines
  • Thick and thin tip to ensure precision for each drawing
  • Amazing and bright colours to explore your arts and craft side
  • Easily layer and mix different colours
  • Non-toxic
  • Color/set: 60 colour
  • Properties: alcohol solvent
  • Bag dimensions (LWH): 20 x 10 x 17cm 
  • Pen dimensions (L): 15cm
  • Includes: 1 x set of 60 Coloured Marker Pens

  • BONUS FREE GIFTS: 1 x Black Liner Marker Pen, 1 x White Liner Marker Pen, 1 x Marker Pen Drawing notebook.
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